Frequently asked questions

The link I have been sent to select a delivery date is showing no available options. Why is that?

ANC services a wide array of delivery areas across the country on behalf of our clients. Some of these delivery areas do not offer regular dates and take longer to plan. 

Due to the limited order numbers in those areas, we typically wait and consult with your client to make an effective delivery run for all customers involved. That way we can maximise the efficiency of our delivery professionals travelling out your way.   

For your peace of mind, the ANC operations team are doing the following… 

  1. They place your job on hold in our planning system and notify your client. 

  2. We work with your client to plan and communicate all updates with you to complete your delivery as quickly as possible. 

  3. Once a run is determined, ANC and your respective client will reach out to you to confirm the date so that you are prepared to receive your order. 

With this being a case-on-case basis with our clients, we appreciate the patience with this process as we endeavour to get your delivery completed as soon as possible.   

My delivery was unsuccessful, what happens now?

When your delivery has been attempted and unsuccessful due to on-road issues. We will notify you right away by updating your tracking page and sending you an SMS or email. 

Once that is done, we have our Customer Service team reviewing the delivery and the issues it faced along with the support from the respective client whom you are expecting your delivery from, and we will contact you right away for further information to reschedule your delivery.  

We apologise for any inconvenience but please know that we have a team that manages unsuccessful deliveries to ensure that our 2nd attempt goes as smoothly as possible.  

What does onboard for delivery mean?

When you get a notification or see the tracking link update its status to 'onboard' this means that our Delivery Professional has picked up your goods and loaded it into their vehicle.  When your delivery is next, you will receive an estimated time of arrival message to allow you to prepare for your delivery.  At times our Delivery Professional will go above and beyond to call you upon arrival, so please have your phone handy to track our team coming to your home or business to ensure a successful delivery.  

What does it mean if my tracking link is displaying status as 'scheduled'?

If your tracking link is displaying the status of the delivery as 'scheduled', this means ANC has received your job and it is booked in a specific date for delivery.  You can review the scheduled date and manage your delivery  

What does it mean if my tracking link is displaying status as 'booked'?

A booked status means we have received your delivery job on our end and now we need you to confirm a date that is most convenient for us to complete.

Once you have done this and your job has been successfully booked in, your status will update to scheduled.

What does it mean if my tracking link is displaying status as 'delayed'?

While we set delivery expectations with you, we unfortunately cannot predict the different driving conditions that may affect our Delivery Professionals.

If your tracking link status appears as 'Delayed', it means that the Delivery Professional has encountered some unforeseen circumstances that has affected their ability to deliver your goods in the prescribed delivery window.  

The delayed status is a courtesy update to you as our customer, as we want to ensure that you are aware that the delivery is still on its way with a slight change to the delivery window and arrival time.  

What functionalities are available through our self-service portal?

  • Track your delivery from start to finish to see where it is at any point in its journey.  

  • Modify your contact information such as your primary and secondary phone numbers as well as email. 

  • Add in specific delivery instructions for our delivery professionals to follow 

  • Request an Authority to Leave (ATL) service for your delivery.  

  • Add a delivery date to your order so we can schedule it in with a delivery professional. 

  • Modify your delivery date if anything changes on your end.  

  • If we were unsuccessful with the delivery, you can reschedule your delivery to another day that suits you 

  • Cancel your delivery  

  • Modify and update your delivery address based on some business rules  

Note: Depending on your which client you purchased your product from, the above functionality may be limited or restricted based on the rules they put in place with our self-service system.  

What do you do if the tracking number you enter does not work?

Firstly, double check that you are using the ANC tracking number in the search box.

If you are having trouble finding the tracking number, look for the number starting with the letter A

If the tracking number is still not working, follow the link to contact us so we can assist further.