Safety and customer care

We ensure safety and care are part of every delivery experience.

Safety matters. Always.

At each step of every delivery experience – at your warehouse, on the road and when we reach your customer’s home – safety matters. Always.

ANC’s strategies provide a safe supply chain work environment for all – your people and customers, our staff and suppliers, and everyone we encounter during the delivery experience.

A partnership in safe delivery

ANC work as your partner in safe delivery experiences to protect everyone in the supply chain to deliver zero injuries with proactive rather than reactive strategies.

Our team are trained to do their work safely – and to control the potential risks faced in our industry.

We tailor our safety strategies and procedures to each client’s situation and needs through

  • stakeholder consultation

  • data reviews

  • risk assessments of physical operations and client sites.

Safety and care, part of every delivery experience

Safety for all means our strategies and procedures are relevant and robust to the ever-changing transport environment risks. So, each year, we have independent auditors to review our;

  • Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

  • Compliance systems.