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At ANC, we believe we have a responsibility to:

  • carry out business in an environmentally responsible manner
  • identify and manage any environmental risks.


Environment Policy Statement

So we developed an Environmental Policy Statement to support this commitment. In summary (or download the full version here) ANC will:

  • comply with laws, regulations and client requirements
  • report and review environmental objectives
  • control the impact of our operations
  • communicate responsibilities to employees, consultants and subcontractors
  • provide appropriate education
  • establish and maintain an environmental program
  • seek to minimise pollution and use of natural resources
  • review this policy systematically.

How we put policy into practice

To ensure our environmental policy goals are more than just well intended words, we:

  • provide the leadership, support and resources to manage environmental risks and keep reducing our environmental impact
  • ensure all employees cooperate and contribute to meet policy goals
  • avoid activities that could adversely impact the environment
  • encourage employees to report all environmental impacts, including defective vehicles, spills of materials and wastes and any suspected or actual pollution.

ANC is proud to be a member of Green Freight Asia (GFA), an industry led organization based in Singapore, with the key objective to lower fuel consumption across Asia-Pacific, reduce C02 emissions from movements across the entire supply chain.

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