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Ute Delivery Driver Jobs

One of the most common vehicles in our owner driver contractor fleet are utes. ANC is seeking owner drivers with their own utes, with driving and delivery experience preferred. Utes are ideal vehicles for varying sizes of cargo deliveries with their open tray at the rear. Our utes with triple racking will be transporting goods that are safe on the open tray due to your excellent load restraint and commitment to safety. When loading goods onto a ute, the open tray has a simple tray with fold-down sides that can be opened for easier placement. Utes are ideal for our deliveries to customers whether they be home or corporate deliveries of bulky goods.

We are looking for owner drivers who own their own ute, experience with these vehicles is preferred. If you own your own ute and are looking for delivery opportunities around the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane metropolitan areas, please contact ANC today. We are here to support you getting into a career and company that supports you on and off the road. Call ANC today and become a part of our growing and loyal team.

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