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Transport technology – visibility for better business

Our advanced transport technologies give our delivery drivers, support crew and business managers the accurate information we all need to confidently deliver extraordinary services.

Track and trace

Real-time information that adds efficiency, better performance and peace of mind to every delivery – for clients, customers, call centre staff and drivers.

GPS delivery tracking

Live maps show exact vehicle location:

  • Clients and customers have full visibility of their deliveries.
  • Allocators are highly informed to give jobs to available drivers.

Proof of actions, delivery and signatures

Drivers can input, capture and access vital information via our app using a smart phone or tablet:

    • All driver events are date and time stamped.
    • Scanning – removing paper manifests, consignment notes & run sheets, promotes accuracy.
    • Real time access to signatures, images and events.
    • Proof of Delivery (POD) sign on glass – promotes accuracy.

Event codes

Drivers enter event codes – information relating to a job – on their device:

  • Special requirements for a client or their customers.
  • Provide greater detail at any stage of delivery.
  • Report if goods were dangerous or damaged.
  • Less time spent talking to base.

Client customer service can see and trust driver data:

    • Instant online access to job information.
    • Be proactive to better help customers.
    • See delivery driver on maps.
    • See and share details of pick up/drop off events, including photos and signatures.
    • Easily capture photos of goods left unattended for POD e.g. front, customer request, building site after hours, condition of the goods, etc.

Online bookings and data integration

Through our secure web page or in-house system connected directly to ANC, clients can:

  • make delivery bookings online or in their own system
  • get real time data of deliveries
  • interface with stock systems
  • view everything in the office at any time.

Using the web or data integration:

  • boosts both client and ANC efficiency as delivery information only needs to be entered once
  • ensures proof of delivery
  • keeps goods secure
  • saves time and money.

Faster, more efficient onboard scanning

Delivery drivers scan all jobs on vehicle using device:

  • Quickly load multiple jobs from one pick up address.
  • Less time spent at warehouse/loading bays and jobs completed faster.
  • Client and ANC have instant access to accurate, time stamped information.

KPIs and reports

Technology gives us data, measurements and reports that we can analyse and discuss with the client for continuous improvements throughout the delivery process. It’s about finding innovative ways to deliver extraordinary experiences on and off the road.

Delivery and logistics information

  • Trip/journey summaries e.g. can we find shorter routes so drivers can do more jobs?
  • Costs of each job – total, per unit, delivery, etc.
  • Time on site/with customer.
  • Time loading, unloading, unpacking etc.
  • Delivery window met.
  • Delivered with signatures.
  • Optimum crew size for job.
  • Optimum load on vehicle.

Safety information

  • Chain Of Responsibility (COR).
  • Fatigue management information.
  • Drugs and alcohol testing.
  • Rapid Incident reporting.
  • Induction training.

Learn more about our safety first approach and measures.

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