Sherman | ANC
Delivery Driver (NSW)

What do you do at ANC?

I’ve been an Owner Driver since April 2020, renting my Mercedes Sprinter van through Budget.

Transport career experience?

I was in the removals’ industry, in operations management, primarily running branches in various cities. I saw a decline because of COVID with people not moving and international transfers on hold. I decided to explore the more time sensitive freight because it is a growing market. There is no better way of learning than actually doing it to understand the business. You gain respect, coming from the ground up, and ultimately will be a better manager.

Favourite part of your job?

I’m loving the independence, relying on myself to do the job and problem solve. Although I feel I have the best of both worlds with ANC who has my back. Best of all are the Pet Circle customers, they’re great, their feedback is great. I see happy people because they want to see me, incredibly grateful they’re getting their delivery the next day. They’re often surprised saying “I just called yesterday and here it is, wow”. I love it when I get to meet the pets, but often I just hear them bark behind the front door. Perhaps we can offer a service of delivery and patting, or delivery and dog walking?

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love hiking and camping with my wife. We often head to the Blue Mountains or the Royal National Park on weekends. We hike and camp every second weekend.

What do you think delivering extraordinary experiences mean?

Communication on all levels is important, and being able to deliver to the customer’s expectations regarding time and date, is critical. If we say we’re delivering on a certain day, we will do our utmost to make sure it happens. Customers understand issues arise, however being proactive in communicating the issue, gives the customer reassurance. Being on the front line, it’s the delivery team (and great back-up team) who need to communicate to the customer and manage their expectations, simply by talking to them with a smile.

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