Jamie Sieuwerts | ANC
Jamie Sieuwerts
Customer Experience Officer

What you do at ANC?

I am proudly part of the ever-growing Innovation and Technology team, my role is a Customer Experience Officer.

Transport career experience?

I have worked for ANC since 2000. The highlight continues to be watching the company grow from a small, local transport company to a national fleet of dedicated corporate and home delivery vehicles.

Favourite part of your job?

Working with our clients and coming up with solutions so they can integrate with our system.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

When I am not working I like to get out and explore in the caravan even if it’s not far away, it’s a chance to unwind and relax.

How do you help ANC deliver extraordinary experiences?

An extraordinary experience is when an ANC experience makes a customer feel happy about their delivery. Being part of the ANC team, I can say that I played a small part in that happiness.

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