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Your health and safety matters more than anything…

At ANC, nothing is more important than the health and safety of people. Our employees, contractors, visitors, clients, their customers – and anyone else affected by our operations.

We want everyone home safely at the end of every day

For this reason ANC:

  • has policies and practices in place to meet and exceed WHS requirements
  • look to prevention, including excellent ongoing staff training, as the best policy
  • see safety as everyone’s responsibility
  • constantly look to make improvements in WHS.

Safety training for everyone – rapid induction

It’s a simple fact. Effective, relevant safety training results in fewer workplace incidents and injuries.

So everyone at ANC, and we mean everyone, completes training – our CEO, our delivery driver professionals, those in the office and on the road.

All ANC safety and job related training is done online

All of our training – induction, site training, specific client training, fatigue, chain of responsibility – is conducted through the web using RapidInduct software. This way:

To work with ANC, and always be up-to-date with safety, every employee must:

  • requalify every year
  • pass the short tests
  • show competency in these components.

Once complete, they get a certificate of completion that shows the competency level attained.

Administrators can access reports on employee training progress so ANC knows the current competency and expertise of all teams.

Rapid incident reporting

Action prevents and manages risk in the workplace. So our delivery drivers and other staff have access to an online rapid incident reporting software to report:

  • occurrences and their seriousness
  • near miss hazards
  • potential incidents to prevent accidents occuring.

It’s a highly effective way for us to identify, report, control, and reduce the risk of hazards.


Delivery driver fatigue policy, monitoring and education

Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is a serious safety hazard for the distribution industry. The main causes being:

  • insufficient sleep
  • working or being awake for a long time.
  • driving at night (when you should be asleep)

Our fatigue management policy ensures delivery drivers:

  • receive fatigue-related training
  • take appropriate rest breaks between shifts
  • stick to maximum shift length
  • record hours worked.

Our fatigue management policy ensures operational teams:

  • receive fatigue-related training
  • allocate work according to WHS and fatigue policy
  • record hours worked – on the road and off the road.

Fatigue-related accidents can have serious consequences – for drivers and others – so:

  • driver phone apps record sign on and off times
  • drivers must tick phone app declaration of 7 hours continuous rest
  • heavy vehicle driver diaries are audited.

See our Fatigue management policy and Chain of Responsibility Policy

Measuring and understanding safety risks

An important part of our safety strategy is being able to manage, understand and control safety risks – while running the business effectively.

The process we use is to identify, assess, correct and monitor a risk.

For example:

  • identifying delivery drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol are a risk
  • assessing that the danger is very high
  • correcting the risk through policy, training and random tests
  • monitoring by conducting tests, checking the number and effect of incidents.

Similarly, if a type of load was identified at too heavy or dangerous for one driver to manage, another driver would always be assigned to help, or a crane need to be used.

Making the information available using ANC technology ensures we have detailed picture of the:

  • likelihood of different potential risks
  • seriousness of a risk if it occurred.

Safety first measures at ANC

Workplace Health and Policy Statement

Learn about our commitment to operating a safe workplace by minimising the risk of injury to people and damage to equipment and property. It includes:

  • how we comply with legislative requirements
  • the safe resources and actions we will provide
  • the obligations of all workers.

Read the full ANC WHS Statement here


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