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SAFE DELIVERIES during COVID-19 + Complex Deliveries

SAFE DELIVERIES during COVID-19 + Complex Deliveries

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), ANC is adopting physical distancing (1.5m from others) and other activities to protect everyone throughout the delivery.

Our objective is to continue our delivery excellence, while minimising human-to-human contact, to protect the safety and health of everyone. Please ensure you read and understand the following Options, Steps and Questions.

OPTION 1 – the safest, recommended
ANC will deliver to your front door, inside your front door or into your garage, to minimise entry or time onsite.

During COVID-19, ANC ask everyone throughout the delivery process to please ensure physical distancing of 1.5m from others, good hygiene and self-isolation.

This helps protect our delivery professionals, our clients, our customers, our families and all families. We can only beat COVID-19 if we all work together.

OPTION 2 – with two critical steps for when the delivery team arrive
If you require ANC to enter your site, please prepare for the following two steps in preparation for your delivery.
Note: these services are NOT AVAILABLE in Victoria due to lockdown 1 July 2020 to 29 July 2020.

It is important you answer all questions honestly.

Please note: you DO NOT NEED TO RESPOND to the SMS, as our delivery team will work through these questions on arrival.

OPTION 2 DETAILS – critical steps and questions

Step 1

On arrival, before entering the site

It is important you answer all questions honestly.

Q1. Please confirm that no one onsite has or is at risk of Coronavirus?
Yes – no one onsite has or is at risk of Coronavirus:
We do NOT have Coronavirus.
We are NOT in self-isolation.
We have NOT travelled overseas in the past 14 days.
We are NOT unwell with NO signs of cough, fever, runny nose, shortness of breath, respiratory illness.

No – Someone has or may have Coronavirus.

If you answer No, please stay inside and our delivery team will leave your goods at the front door for you to collect once they have safely departed, or call their Manager for advice, if leaving at the door is not possible.

If you answer Yes, to all questions, confirming it is safe to be onsite, the ANC delivery team will proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Entering the site to deliver the goods

Q1. Are happy for the delivery team to enter your site?
Please confirm Yes or No.

Q2. Is the ANC delivery team happy to enter your site based on a site assessment of no evidence of coughing or sneezing.
The delivery team will confirm Yes or No.

If your answer Yes, the delivery team will enter your site, as safely and efficiently as possible, and deliver your good to the closest suitable location.

The recipient must ensure physical distancing – only one person onsite within 1.5 metres of the delivery team.

If the delivery team answer No, please respect their assessment and stay inside while they will call their ANC Manager for advice.

Step 3

Complex Deliveries


  • Installations
    • Customer ensures Old Comparable Product removed prior to delivery
    • ANC delivers to kitchen/laundry, unpacks, connects to hoses and power, removes packaging
  • Furniture Assembly including Unpacking
  • Removal of Old Comparable Product

All complex deliveries will be completed with hygiene and cleaning according to the ANC Complex Deliveries Guide.

Delivery Restrictions – Victoria Only

ANC is adopting strict delivery procedures throughout the State of Victoria to support Government Stage 4 lockdowns.


  • Front Door
  • Inside the Front Door
  • Into the Garage.

The recipient must ensure 1.5m physical distancing and wear a mask at all times, with only one recipient communicating with the delivery team.


  • Installations
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Unpacking and Removal of Packaging
  • Removal of Old Comparable Product

Delivery restrictions are to minimise time onsite, maximise physical distancing and protect everyone throughout the delivery chain.

If your ANC delivery team has any concerns with the delivery site based on the recipient’s health indicators including COVID-19 or flu like symptoms, coughing or sneezing, they will call their ANC Manager for advice. We ask everyone to respect their site assessment concerns and share our intention to deliver safely during these challenging lockdown restrictions.

Thank you for your support in our implementation of these important safety steps as
we all try to minimise the spread of Coronavirus and protect everyone’s wellbeing.

Any questions, contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 20 88.

Physical Distancing during COVID-19

Physical distancing is a critical protective measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for physical distancing measures including:

  • staying at home when unwell
  • avoiding non-essential gatherings
  • keeping a distance of 1.5 metres between people, whenever possible
  • minimising physical contact.

These measures are most important for people over 60 and those with chronic disease. Most of us have loved ones in this demographic, so please take care.

These simple physical distancing measure are to the benefit of EVERYONE – you, your family and friends, your community, and of course, your ANC delivery teams.

Contactless Proof of Delivery

During COVID-19, ANC will substitute proof of delivery signatures with this effective, safe alternative.

  • driver takes photos of goods on site, GEOTAGGED FOR PROOF OF LOCATION
  • driver types into their own device the recipient’s name.

This change and other activities ANC is implementing are to protect people and processes as we all do our absolute best to maintain consistent operational delivery excellence.

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