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Pet Circle Fleet for Advertising

Be a Pet Circle brand ambassador and unlock your earning potential.

Your vehicle can earn you $16,300 more each year!

ANC is expanding our Fleet for Advertising™ model with Pet Circle and is offering you an opportunity to maximise your earning potential by simply wrapping your vehicle and delighting customers at their doorstep.

The quality and playful design wrapped around your van will help drive NPS results by generating greater density and creating memorable customer experiences.


Get Wrapped and Be Wrapped!


Be paid $15 a day, every day of the year.  With a further opportunity to increase this remuneration by an additional $5 per day once 50% of the fleet in your state is branded, that is up to $7,300 per year.


Did you know branded Pet Circle vehicles in Victoria are generating 13% more work than non-branded vehicles?

This is worth approx. $40 per driver per day.  Through an increase in density, you can increase your earning potential by a further $9,000 a year

($40 x 5 working days x 45 weeks per year)

branded vehicle + greater density = more $$ in your pocket

Need more convincing? Here are the initial guaranteed benefits…


Get paid $15 every day your vehicle is branded + $5 bonus for working as a team.

  • Drivers with a branded vehicle will receive $15 each day for every day of the year when your van carries Pet Circle Full Wrap advertising $5,475 each year.
  • Work as a team and unlock more advertising revenue. When the 50% of your fleet in your state is branded, you unlock another $5 per day per branded van $1,825 each year. The additional $5 is subject to a monthly reconciliation in your state i.e. the average branded fleet remains above 50%.
  • That is a potential $7.300 passive income each year, enough to offset the average fuel bill!


Get paid while your van gets wrapped

  • ANC drivers are paid $300 per day (Mon-Fri, workdays) for your vehicle to be off the road during application of advertising.


Pet Circle ambassador swag pack

  • As a token of appreciation from Pet Circle for branding your vehicle, you will receive a ‘swag pack’ full of Pet Circle merchandising goodies.


Driver discount codes

  • Benefit from exclusive driver discount codes to redeem when purchasing from the Pet Circle website.  A win for you and your pets.


Worry free removal

  • Branding removal is funded by Pet Circle after six (6) months of continuous branding. This also includes $1,000 cover in the unlikely occurrence of damage to your vehicle during the removal process.

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