Matt Latimore | ANC
Matt Latimore
Recruitment Manager (NSW)

What do you do at ANC?

I am the Recruitment Manager for NSW.  My role is centred on finding the right drivers with the right vehicles to meet the right service expectations of our clients, while further enhancing the culture of ANC. My role also focuses on compliance, ensuring the roles and responsibilities within different areas of ANC are working within the strict guidelines. Recruitment has high demands and expectations on the team. Without great drivers, ANC operations don’t work. We, the recruitment team, provide capability to ANC, operations and our clients.

What do you believe ANC offers candidates?

ANC is an amazing group of people to work with who are very welcoming. ANC expect a lot but offer a good working environment for the team. ANC gives people hope. As an example, our recruitment pool for contract drivers is often made up of new migrants trying to secure employment and a fresh start in Australia. ANC provides everyone with a positive and rewarding working environment, raising the bar in terms of its expectations to be able to achieve the extraordinary experiences that we are renowned for.

Transport career experience?

I have been with ANC since early 2019, you could say I am a newcomer to the transport industry. Prior to joining ANC, I worked for 20 years as a Manager in Government, including defence, recruitment and resource management. The change in industries could be considered extreme although I love the change in culture I am experiencing at ANC.

Favourite part of your job?

Definitely the people I work with. Recruiting can be a long and lengthy process which is made easier by my amazing team. I really think the common banter, laughs and the general all round support I have experienced since I have started has allowed me to hit the ground running at ANC. We have each others back and achieve things together.

How would you describe ANC if it was a person?

It is someone I would definitely be happy to have a beer with at the pub on a Friday afternoon!

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I like to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I enjoy taking long walks on the beach and being outdoors. I am also a dog lover, spending quality time with my two year old Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Maisy.

How do you help ANC deliver extraordinary experiences?

I couldn’t say I would be able to achieve this all on my own, it is definitely a collective effort. The team and I work diligently to find the right delivery professionals for the driver roles ANC offers in order to achieve extraordinary experiences as a company.

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