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HubMobile App: Weekly Development Update

HubMobile App: Weekly Development Update

Thank you to all of our drivers for their valuable input and ongoing feedback throughout the improved HUBMobile App rollout.

Bug Fixes

Here are some of the critical development items that we have successfully completed.

  • Customer phone numbers is now a clickable link. Initial bug where text was static.
  • KM distances on jobs have now been corrected.
  • Android devices can now scan text. This is to support with faulty barcodes. Drivers can easily scan or hover their camera over the barcode number to pull the number into the manual input field.
  • Job load speed has increased on the active work screen. This will allow jobs to appear much faster when logging in and reloading the active work screen.
  • Tomorrow’s work page bugs have been fixed
  • Job history bugs have been fixed
  • ATL Flag Active (Pictured Below)
  • Multileg Jobs (Pictured Below)
  • Important Notes Notification Bubble (Pictured Below) – This way you will be notified if there are any key delivery instructions or info relating to your job

Bug Fixes In Progress

Here are some of the critical items that are currently in progress of being fixed.

  • Re-scanning a job for Article level scanning
  • Speed up Article Level scanning on Androids
  • Address link to be more accurate (In testing stages)


Thank you to the below drivers for sending through their feedback and supporting us with the above fixes.

Bernie, WA 210

Jacob Zinner, WA 350

Linda Granzien, QLD 331

Mick, QLD 353

John, SA 153

Nic Lulan, QLD 204

Gordan, QLD 141

Melvyn, SA 255

Grant, WA 248

Ideas / Concepts

We are excited to share with you development items that we are working towards to further improve the App.
Check out the list below to see what we are working on and what is on our wish list

  • Driver performance analytics page to track your performance
  • Further automation to reduce button presses on the App.
  • Voice Reply to Messages
  • Different Active Work Screen views. Condensed and expanded options to see more jobs or more information on jobs.
  • Driver distress button


App Development Pictures

ATL Flag

Notification Bubble

Multileg Job Identifier

Stay tuned for more weekly updates coming soon. 

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