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The Good Guys Case Study: Home delivery and assembly excellence

“Thank you to all at ANC for a service that is 100% unbeatable!”


The Good Guys is a chain of 303 consumer electronics retail stores across Australia selling major and small appliances. The Good Guys original store, Ian Muir’s Radio and Electrical Centre, opened in Melbourne’s northern suburbs in 1952 by the Muir family. The company’s philosophy was to delight customers and ‘do good’. The Good Guys was renamed and rebranded in 1998. From humble beginnings, The Good Guys quickly became a household name.

The Good Guys commenced their partnership with ANC in September 2017 when we first started servicing NSW with two vehicles. We kicked off with big and bulky white goods including fridges, washing machines and dryers with volumes incrementally growing as they migrated from the store to the warehouse model.

Due to our service excellence and alignment of culture, the partnership has continued to grow. ANC now services all warehouse deliveries and three dedicated stores in SA, as well as The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi Group Operational consolidation in NSW and QLD.

ANC currently operate between 29 one-man vehicles and 20 two-man vehicles, working 7-days a week, facilitating home deliveries and like-for-like installations. Our services include (but not limited to) unboxing, connecting fridges, plumbed water connections, dishwashers, washing machines, removal of rubbish and removal of old comparable products.

  • Total number of deliveries (nationally): 125,785 (April 2019 – March 2020)
  • Net Promotor Score: 72.9 White-Goods and 86.6 Large Format TV’s (April 2020)
  • 48% growth, April 2019 – March 2020, across NSW and SA


  • Large portion of transport providers were individuals to service franchise stores, therefore head office had limited visibility making consolidation of service providers challenging.
  • Safety issues at store level due to overstocking and overloading of small store spaces, manual handling, high risk of incidents.
  • Safety and consolidation for efficiency and visibility was the catalyst for the national business to move a to a central warehouse for big and bulky goods and delivery services.
  • The Good Guys wanted to provide home delivery by two-man delivery teams from a central warehouse which was a significant change for stores to adapt to.



  • Training drivers on The Good Guys brand and culture, specifically their unique desired customer experience.
  • Driver training included basic white goods training for disconnection/removal of old and install/connection of new.


  • Sydney metro plus one regional run to Wollongong, servicing 100% of deliveries from the central warehouse.
  • Adelaide metro coverage servicing 100% of deliveries from a central warehouse and four stores.
  • ANC presented a solution for nationalising the model.


  • Opportunity for further consolidation of The Good Guys and JB Hi-FI together, ultimately further reducing warehouse and store footprint.


  • Sign on glass technology including geotagged photographic proof of delivery (POD).
  • Delivery and data visibility through ANC dashboard.
  • National account management and state account management gives consistency across reporting, service and management.
  • Internal customer team members responsible for overseeing drivers, managing queries.
  • ANC provides one platform that different carriers can use – for stores, customers, one source of data, with complex reporting capabilities.


  • ANC is compliant in chain of responsibility (COR), particularly important when big and bulky goods bring additional risks at every point throughout the supply chain.


  • Standardised pricing for all deliveries from central warehouse ensures budgeting and eliminates surprises.
  • Monthly reporting of DIFOT and NPS, with continuous improvements built into reporting framework.
  • Reporting includes claims, futiles, event code frequency and type to demonstrate trends and inform continuous improvements.
  • Reporting on driver NPS so ANC can review and train specifically towards continuous improvement.
  • ANC Driver Performance Manager onsite daily, reviewing, supporting and supervising drivers for continuous improvement and compliance, including a daily checklist of tasks and expectations.
  • Fortnightly client and account management meetings to review national data, develop action plans, consider innovation and drive improvements.
  • Reduced exposure to risk across COR, through ANC’s rigorous safety compliance and reporting.


“I just wanted to take some time to recognise the effort Julius (Waras Carstensen) has gone through to help out my store. My Store Manager was dealing with Julius over one of our VIP customers that has shopped with us for a very long time. Julius ensured that the delivery would be a white glove service and kept us updated throughout the process and for that we are forever grateful. There are many more examples where he has gone above and beyond for us to ensure our customers are looked after even to the point of direct calling us to make sure we have all the information required for a smooth delivery. He is an asset and don’t lose him.”
The Good Guys, Sales Manager, Alexandria Home Centre, NSW


“Selwan, who helped deliver my washing machine and dryer, was extremely professional, courteous and kind. I live on my own and have a back issue so could not properly pull out the washing machine or remove the dryer from the wall mount. He very kindly assisted me with this task and even offered to help clean up the awful mess afterwards. He did not have to do this, but the offer was appreciated, and it is so nice to see a delivery professional be willing to make such an offer and to be so friendly and kind.”
NSW Customer

“Many thanks for the safe delivery of our fridge. It is great to know that your company can deliver the most fragile items quickly and safely. The fridge did not fit through the front door, but your friendly staff tried all the doors and finally were able to deliver the fridge into my kitchen. I appreciate the help and time taken by Gurnam and Manjinder.”
SA Customer

“I would give your company a 12 out of 10 as the morning I had a fridge delivered that would not fit in the house. Bishoy, driver 7062, went above and beyond his role this morning taking doors off and ensuring nothing was damaged. He ensured everything was put back correctly and was a delight to deal with. If you had another 100 drivers as good as this man your company will do very well. I have also written to The Good Guys to advise them of the service I received from your delivery company. He is one of your best assets.”
NSW Customer

“Thank you for taking ownership of this complaint and for forwarding my concerns so promptly – I’m pleased with The Good Guys complaints handling process. A gentleman named Matthew from ANC arrived today and repaired the scratches. Matthew was highly personable and professional and we’re pleased with the resolution. We now consider this matter closed. I would be thankful if you could also forward my appreciation to ANC for their flexibility and for sending Matthew to resolve the issue – he’s a real asset to ANC and was able to convert me from a firm detractor to a promoter. Thank you again for your customer centric approach, I intend to remain a customer of The Good Guys as a result of how you handled this matter.”
NSW Customer

“I am given feedback regarding a washing machine delivery. Mani and Manu gave us the best delivery service we have ever experienced. They arrived on time and were both very polite, friendly, efficient and professional in every way. They both greeted my 89 yr old mother and set about with the installation. The machine was fitted, a spirit level used for an exact level, the machine was put through a short test cycle and all was explained clearly. While Mani did this, Manu cleared the box, foam etc and put it in the truck. In all my life as a 60 yr old man who has ordered 100’s of items to be delivered, my family and I have never experienced such excellence in service from start to finish in a delivery ever before. The communication was 10/10 and showed the length your company has gone to in order to give the best possible service to the customer. I would like to thank Mani and Manu and other call centre staff and your company in general for total excellence in your service. I rang your number to inquire re feedback and was greeted by a young lady with fantastic phone manner, politeness and enthusiastic pride in the way she spoke to me. ANC has done an outstanding job in every aspect of the delivery service. Thank you to all at ANC for a service that is 100% unbeatable!”
SA Customer

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