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Telstra Case Study: Emergency delivery excellence

"As always, ANC continue to provide exceptional service and support to the Telstra business.”


Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company and an iconic Australian brand connecting millions of Australians to the things that matter most to them every day.

The ANC team deliver Telstra emergency mobile phones to ‘priority assistance customers’ – people with life-threatening medical conditions in urban, rural and remote areas of Australia.

Telstra has been a valued client of ANC since the 1980s and became our first national client in 2007. ANC has re-won the tender five times as recently as the fourth quarter 2019. This consistency of relationship is evidence of our quality account management, excellent customer service and continuous improvement culture.

Our delivery professionals ensure over 3,700 deliveries per month are safely and meticulously delivered and installed into the homes of Telstra customers.

  • Total number of deliveries (nationally): 43,100+
  • Delivery on Time and in Full: medical deliveries must be 100%
  • Strict delivery KPIs: 24hrs in urban and rural areas, 48hrs in remote areas
  • Service 24/7, 365 days a year, Australia-wide



  • The time frames for connecting a service or repairing a fault for priority assistance customers is 24 hours in urban and rural areas and 48 hours in remote areas.
  • If the phones are not repaired – or an emergency replacement phone not delivered – Telstra may receive a large federal penalty.
  • In addition to the fine, there is a high risk of bad publicity on a national level.
  • The phones must be delivered anywhere in Australia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Telstra need accurate real time information on driver status, deliveries and customer connections.


  • Remote premises are often difficult to find and access.
  • In many cases, natural disasters such as storms, floods and fires make delivery even more challenging – and people are often in distress due to illness or environmental circumstances.
  • The job requires more than a courier – they must set up the phone and show the customer how it works.
  • Delivery drivers must be totally committed, caring and able to think on their feet and solve problems fast.



  • Over 100 highly trained, experienced and committed drivers in vans and utes who won’t stop for anything, including floods and crocodiles (read the testimonial below).
  • 25 drivers nationally, hold stock in their vehicles as ‘rapid response team’ and are fully trained to perform telephone installations.
  • Deliver any day and take the call anytime e.g. 2am Christmas Day.
  • Drivers get the phone out of box, make sure signal works and set it up for the customer giving them support so they can confidently use the new device.


  • Real time data transfer of information from point-of-original to point-of-completion.
  • All events/problems/delays are reported to Telstra and updated immediately.
  • Technology that meets IBM’s high level requirements for the Telstra business – GPS track and trace solution and consignment milestone reporting.


  • Reliability, consistent service excellence delivering peace of mind for Telstra, and their customers.
  • A partner who positively represents, protects and enhances the Telstra brand.
  • Service 24/7 365 days a year Australia-wide.
  • Extremely high KPIs consistently met including 100% DIFOT for 43,100 deliveries per annum.


“In times of disaster it becomes particularly difficult to meet our constraints and we need team players who can think outside the box. It has been brought to my attention that one of your drivers, Warner Langford, made a delivery to a customer at Gogango when the Fitzroy River was flooded. His smart thinking and collaboration with the call centre and customer has resulted in a terrific outcome for the customer and Telstra.”
Director Supply Chain Business Support & Improvement, Telstra

“I wanted to pass on the thanks from CEVA for the help that ANC provided during the Server Outage suffered last week. As always ANC continue to provide exceptional service and support to the Telstra business.”
Supply Chain Analyst, IBM Services, Telstra Supply Chain Logistics

“Please pass on to ANC my sincere thanks for all their support during the Server Outage.  Manual contingency is very labour intensive, and they have been, as always, very accommodating.”
Supply Chain Services, Telstra 


“I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the service provided by your driver Brian (311). He arrived at Dad’s place and Dad (Livio) is very old and very deaf so wasn’t able to hear him at the door. Brian rang me (Livio’s daughter) and delivered the phone to my house a few kms away where he set it all up and showed me how to plug it in at Dad’s. I am very impressed with the service, thank you so much!”
NSW Customer


“The Fitzroy River was flooded and the only access was by boat and then 4WD by road to the address. I drove to Gogango, rang the customer, then drove to the river crossing and he met me with his boat. In addition to flooding, there were also Danger Crocodile signs about the place. Once we crossed the river we drove for 30 minutes to his house where it took another half an hour to get a decent signal. The customer drove me back to the river and across the river in his boat. The only alternative route to that customers address was to drive to Marlborough, 3 hours further north, and then back down inland. This would have added 4-5 hours travelling to the job and blown out the 10am ETA.”
Warner Langford, ANC Driver

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