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JB Hi-Fi Case Study: Home delivery and installation excellence

"ANC are a trusted service provider. I have recommended ANC for the last mile challenges."


JB Hi-Fi are Australia’s leading retailer of hi-fi and consumer electronics. They offer the world’s leading brands of speakers, televisions, DVD’s, VCR’s, cameras, car sound, home theatre, computers and portable audio, stocking an exclusive range of specialist hi-fi products.

In 2015, JB Hi-Fi noticed major gaps in their transport network, with a specific focus on the final mile customer experience. JB Hi-Fi chose to work with ANC due to our national presence, EDI compatible technologies, customer service excellence and our focus on improving brand value and customer experience.

The relationship started in March 2016 and has grown to ANC providing services across NSW, SA and QLD via our specialised two-man teams who service the home delivery and installation customer experience. ANC currently has a fleet of 15 two-man teams delivering from the client’s warehouse into home as one of only two bulky goods carriers, with a national footprint servicing JB Hi-Fi.

Since engaging with ANC, JB Hi-Fi has been impressed by our dedicated account management team and admire our commitment to offering delivery service of an impeccable standard to the customer.

  • Total number of deliveries (2019 nationally): 28,516
  • Delivery on Time and in Full: 97% (April 2020)
  • Net Promotor Score: 72 (average for 2019)



  • JB Hi-Fi previously engaged with transport companies who were inexperienced with creating the ultimate customer experience. JB Hi-Fi wanted to offer more than just ‘delivery trucks turning up’ to the location.
  • JB Hi-Fi’s goal was to work with a dedicated account management team who were visible, proactive and involved in JB Hi-Fi’s business.



  • ANC provides consistent, specialised drivers who are familiar with the products, their unique handling requirements (e.g. large format televisions) and the customer interface.
  • Our drivers are trained and highly proficient in customer facing. They understand the customer needs and expectations, keep the customer informed, are pleasant and polite. ANC like to call our drivers ‘mobile customer service centres’ as they are required to trouble shoot, answer questions and solve problems for the customer.
  • Our drivers are adaptable and flexible. They understand that all delivery locations are different, from luxury $30 million estates to modest family homes, and the customer experience does not differ.
  • ANC are explicit with last mile logistics. We are committed to delivering a high-quality experience on the last mile of the delivery service including the into home assembly and installation.


  • ANC contractor vehicles are recognisable by ANC branding and our drivers wear the ANC uniforms at all times, ensuring the customer can be confident in who they are letting into their home.


  • Safety is our first priority and we work with our clients to develop and uphold safety standards when conducting a delivery. We understand that JB Hi-Fi deliveries are complicated and conduct risk profiling for products with different safety needs.
  • With two ‘at risk’ categories – the transportation of the goods and the handling of big and awkward bulky goods in an unknown setting, safety is paramount and requires the compliance and oversight of a delivery professional such as ANC.
  • Mass and dimension are highly variable in the JB Hi-Fi product mix so our drivers and the vehicles must be able to accommodate this diversity, and carry the good safely. From a 910 litre refrigerator to an 85 inch high definition television, ANC has all bases covered.
  • Safety is the first topic on the agenda when ANC meets with the client every Tuesday.



  • JB Hi-Fi communicate daily with our Account Management team. We hold weekly meetings to assess performance, safety standards and areas for improvement.
  • JB Hi-Fi commend ANC on our easy to work with nature and our family mindset. We are committed to maintaining and ensuring our relationship with JB Hi-Fi is for the long term, as demonstrated in recent growth with ANC commencing in QLD May 2020.


  • Our drivers call JB Hi-Fi customers prior, on approach and deliver within the two-hour window. We continually meet and exceed expectations as demonstrated in KPIs that are measured and reported daily.
  • ANC place a heavy focus on the NPS outcomes by continually up-skilling and motivating our dedicated support staff and drivers to provide an outstanding customer experience.


  • ANC’s drivers are highly trained from a thorough induction process to understand the safety risks involved in the transportation and handling of awkward bulky goods, as well as the hazards present on the diverse delivery site.


  • JB HI-FI are growing at 30-35% per annum and need the scalability that ANC can offer via our national network and variable fleet model.


  • ANC ensure ongoing training and support for delivery teams across the process, and as client products evolve.
  • Dedicated account management who are visible, proactive, involved in our business.
  • ANC’s Business Plan with the view to where ANC are heading “ANC are specifically focussed on customer last mile logistics”.
  • Operationally, ANC are recognised to ‘execute well from a customer service stand point’.


  • JB Hi-Fi were looking for and value ANC delivery professionals for the fleet:
    • Consistency – the same drivers who are familiar with the products, handling, customer interface
    • Safety skills and ability – to safely handle items, protect themselves and others and property
    • Technical skill – setting up a diversity of sophisticated and valuable products in a variety of situations, homes, workplaces
    • Customer facing – understanding the customer, keeping the customer informed, pleasant and polite
    • Adaptable and flexible – 15 deliveries in a day and they will all be different, so the drivers have to adapt and be highly efficient, proficient and flexible.


“ANC are a trusted service provider. I have recommended ANC for the last mile challenges. This is who ANC is and what they stand for – commitment and operations.”
National Transport Manager, JB Hi-Fi  

“At the end of the day it’s the results we’re getting. The combo of core values and commitment to supporting the drivers and training. Does it come together for a great customer experience and NPS – then I know we have a great customer service provider in lock step to what we’re achieving.”
General Manager, Supply Chain, JB Hi-Fi

“Alana has been working with Rob and the extended JBHF/TGG logistics team to plan and coordinate the expected uplift in deliveries to support the JBHF/TGG Black Friday sales event. Although the uplift is somewhat unpredictable, additional ANC capacity was readied and available to the JBHF/TGG home delivery network, giving confidence in advance to our Store Operations and Merchandise team colleagues to chase our sales objectives. Whilst overall sales have gone better than expected, in some states the actual uplifts have been more than anticipated – notwithstanding – Alana has been responsive, resourceful and available in helping ensure all those deliveries were able to be performed without the need for us to shut off the sales pipeline.”
General Manager, Supply Chain, JB Hi-Fi

“One of our customers called us up to let us know of the exceptional job Danny did with this delivery, please let Danny know to congratulate him!“
The Good Guys, Moore Park NSW


“Danny who delivered the washing machine and dryer today was extremely helpful, professional, courteous and also extremely kind. I live on my own and have a back issue so could not properly pull out the washing machine or remove the dryer from the wall mount for Danny to take my old goods away with him. He very kindly assisted me with this task and even offered to help clean up the awful mess afterwards!“
NSW Customer

“The delivery guys were so respectful, kind and hard workers. Very happy with the service and thank you to them guys.”
NSW Customer

“Delivery top notch! Love the tracker and delivery window frame. Thank you guys for taking big product upstairs!!”
NSW Customer

“10 out of 10. Driver quick, efficient, gone… all done.”
NSW Customer

“Fantastic delivery speed and professional service.”
SA Customer

“An excellent experience. Well done to JB Hi-Fi and ANC, I am very happy.”
SA Customer

“Amazing service very polite and friendly guys.”
NSW Customer

“Ravi and Tean provided excellent delivery service and installation.”
SA Customer


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