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Bunzl Case Study: Corporate delivery fleet

"ANC save us up to $1000 a day in transport costs."


Bunzl Outsourcing Services is a leading specialist distribution group supplying a broad range of products that are essential for their customers to operate their businesses. They have been a valued ANC client since 2015.

Making deliveries to B2B customers in sectors such as contract cleaning, food processing, healthcare, hospitals, aged care as well as hotel and catering, there is a fleet of 30 ANC dedicated drivers across NSW, backed up by our ad-hoc delivery fleet during peak periods and whenever called on by the BOS business to do so.

Our delivery professionals ensure over 5,000 deliveries, in excess of 1 million kilos, per safely delivered for Bunzl customers per month.

  • Total number of deliveries (NSW) 55,500+
  • Total volume of deliveries (NSW) 14.4 million tonne
  • Monthly deliveries averaging 5,000+ with a 99.87% DIFOT average


  • Before ANC, the fleet was a mix of company employees and owned vehicles, direct contract drivers and outsourced drivers
  • Wanted to outsource and consolidate transport with transport solutions specialist
  • Looking for not just a delivery company, but a strategic partner.
  • Difficult delivery points including hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Business critical, as a major strategic partner with Starbucks, for example.
  • Specialist deliveries to high security sites including maritime and the armed forces.
  • Mass deliveries to schools every quarter.


  • IT platforms to give Bunzl customer service team visibility and tracking on delivery
  • Drivers use smart phone technology with sign on glass technology to track, trace and confirm delivery
  • Real time interface with Bunzl’s new web host management (WHS) software
  • Dedicated on-site operational management
  • Routing software to ensure ANC drivers make deliveries as efficiently as possible
  • KPI reporting and cost allocation transparency
  • Regular Bunzl/ANC partnership meetings to review all challenges, issues & share wins achieved together.
  • Exploring co-branding potential.
  • Increase in customer service support.
  • Higher level of IT involvement.


  • Saving of up to $1,000 per day in transport costs
  • Monthly deliveries averaging 5,000+ with a 99.87% DIFOT average
  • Issues at delivery point significantly reduced due to quality of trained drivers
  • Lower driver wait time on site due to dedicated warehouse team.
  • Minimal customer service enquiries and all resolved within 24 hours, always.
  • Working in true partnership, as demonstrated by the Bunzl flu vaccination program and Bunzl breakfast to thank fleet for their COVID-19 performance.


“Thank you to all involved which includes your teams on the floor picking, staging, routing – for their persistence and management. Thank you ANC for working with us closely. We still have a few steps to go, however, the hard yards are completed and successful. Great work.”
National Transport Manager, Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

“Good communication and great effort from your team and drivers.”
Sydney Operations Manager, Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

“A sincere thank you to the entire team for the tremendous effort, dedication and support during this critical situation (COVID-19). As a team we have a ‘CAN DO’ attitude and together we make things happen for our customers.”
 Regional Operations Manager, NSW/ACT, Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

“Thanks for the tremendous support the drivers are at the frontline and doing a brilliant job supporting Bunzl and our key customers across many sectors in particular hospitals and nursing homes.”
Regional Operations Manager, Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

“Well done team ANC! We appreciate you being ahead of the curve and ready to go!”
Regional General Manager, Central Region, Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

“Team ANC, appreciate your support on this great initiative.”
General Manager Operations at Bunzl Australia & New Zealand

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