Bunzl Case Study: Corporate delivery fleet – ANC

Bunzl Case Study: Corporate delivery fleet

“ANC save us up to $1000 a day in transport costs.”


Bunzl Outsourcing Services is a leading specialist distribution group supplying a broad range of products that are essential for their customers to operate their businesses. They have been a valued ANC client since 2015.

Making deliveries to B2B customers in sectors such as contract cleaning, food processing, healthcare, as well as hotel & catering, there is a fleet of 26 ANC dedicated drivers across NSW and Victoria, backed up by our ad-hoc delivery fleet during peak periods and whenever called on by the BOS business to do so.



  • Before ANC, fleet was an unmanaged mix of company employees and owned vehicles, direct contract drivers and outsourced driver
  • Wanted to outsource and consolidate transport with transport solutions specialist
  • Looking for not just a delivery company, but a strategic partner.

Following reviews and consultation to deeply understand the Bunzl business we implemented:

  • IT platforms to give Bunzl customer service team visibility and tracking on delivery
  • Drivers use PDAs with signature on glass technology to track, trace and confirm delivery.
  • Real time interface with Bunzl’s new web host management (WHS) software
  • Dedicated on-site operational management
  • Routing software to ensure ANC drivers make deliveries as efficiently as possible
  • KPI reporting and cost allocation transparency
  • Regular Bunzl/ANC partnership meetings to review all challenges, issues & share wins achieved together.


  • Saving of up to $1000 per day in transport costs.
  • Monthly deliveries averaging 3099 with a 99.87% DIFOT average
  • Issues at delivery point significantly reduced due to quality of trained drivers
  • Lower driver wait time on site due to dedicated warehouse team.


“Thank you to all involved which includes your teams on the floor picking, staging, routing – for their persistence and management. Thank you ANC for working with us closely. We still have a few steps to go, however, the hard yards are completed and successful. Great work.”

National Transport Manager, Bunzl

“Good communication and great effort from your team and drivers.”

Sydney Operations Manager, Bunzl

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