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ALM Case Study: Corporate delivery fleet

"ANC are an integral part of our business."

About The Client

ALM is Australia’s leading broad range liquor wholesaler, supplying pallets and cartons of liquor to over 14,500 hotels, liquor stores, restaurants and other licensed premises throughout Australia. The liquor division and its related businesses operate out of 15 distribution centres (DCs) located in each state and territory in Australia, and in New Zealand.

Since 2012 ANC has been providing Couriers and Taxi Truck services throughout Adelaide. ANC does all the routing and vehicle bookings to significantly improve efficiencies and the use of warehouse assets.

With a 90% share of the state market, ALM is well positioned in South Australia.



  • Proof of delivery was always difficult as the previous courier company lacked track and trace technology.
  • ALM understood that their strength and expertise was in liquor sales and wholesaling, not transport.
  • Small warehouse staging area made continual flow and quick turnaround times challenging.
  • Minimising deliveries to smaller on premise customers limiting to two deliveries and not four per week. There was a lot of customer pushback especially from CBD venues
  • Needed to partner with a specialist truck routing, planning and delivery company to improve customer service, turnaround times and efficiencies.


  • ANC Transport Co-ordinator permanently based in the ALM warehouse.
  • A mix of vehicles to suit the diversity of work, from one tonne vans through to the trucks, including semi-trailers. With these vehicles we cover all of the metropolitan ALM customer needs very efficiently.
  • Up to 35 delivery drivers working out of ALM on any given day.
  • Infield operations, courier vans, truck allocation and pallet control.
  • Pre-loading the day prior so trucks are ready to roll the next day.
  • Regular meetings to discuss progress and address any issues.
  • Offer flexibility and a “Yes, we can do it!” attitude – help customers with extra deliveries, missed deadlines or schedules, such as Skycity Casino with huge demands in peak times.
  • A range of initiatives ensure high driver retention which creates security and consistency.


  • Truck turnaround times halved from 55-60 minutes to below 28-29 minutes.
  • Ability to scale as needed and handle high quantities, such as a recent peak demand of 103,000 carton average (70% above usual average 61,000 cartons).
  • Improved day-to-day efficiencies means quicker deliveries to customers. Most all day deliveries are now AM deliveries.
  • Truck routing has improved because of their understanding of trucks, transport, routes.
  • Deliveries now on time, with the right quality and to customer’s expected level of service. AM deliveries means customers can now have stock in cool rooms before busy afternoon periods commence.
  • KPIs presented and discussed each month with ongoing recommendations on ways to improve.
  • ALM has doubled the volume of cartons delivered to more than 1.7 million since working with ANC.


“ANC are an integral part of our business. We’ve got a point of contact onsite, face-to-face. They make changes to suit our needs, it works very well. I would recommend ANC because of their general package – technology, customer service and flexibility. If something happens, it is always ‘yes, we can do that, and we can do that as well’.”
Central Region Warehouse and Distribution Manager

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